(preview theme kit) (aes skinning) (xaaes format) (myaes v0.96)

  MyAES skinning can be simple or complex, now available in seperate skin types: new (Eric Reboux), original (Zorro). The original skinning gives a traditional window frame theme, including scroll bars, and bottom right sizer. As of v0.92 Olivier Landemarre's MyAES now provides a window frame style somewhat more flexible, allowing for example, a BeOS style window frame, also including scroll bars, and this time with multiple sizers.
(ERS windfram - by Eric Reboux)
(Zorro windfram - by Zorro)
(zPro windfram - by Paul Wratt)


  Window Frames:
  Referred to as a windfram, there are currently two main window frames libraries used to render widgets and textures. The older one by Zorro, and the (now default) one by Eric Reboux. Both are LDG libraies (not shared). With MyAES on a TOS machine, the windfram takes the part of the render engine as used in linux window managers. With the release of a windfram skeleton (ie the example) it is now possible to create your own windfram library. I am looking into some that can load configs used by other linux window managers (ie Fluxbox, etc).
  MyAES skinning is done by a dynamic library that handles the window frame, redraws, etc. Because of this it is theoretically possible for an infinite amount to skinning types, however only two are present at the moment, and are specific to MyAES. In the future, others may handle skinning as applied to say, Linux, with IceWM (Ice Window Manager). One other skinning style is available with the v0.93 release, an internal one (not dynamic library), and very basic, in the traditional GEM style, it is the fall-back windfram.
  As of v0.96 MyAES can now supply 24 bit and 32 bit color icons on request.  

(preview theme kit) (aes skinning) (xaaes format) (myaes v0.96)

AFROS-Update cover two aspects.
1. Installable update to the ARAnyM based AFROS LiveCD distribution
2. Downloadable binaries of ARAnyM for PCLinuxOS and other Mandriva based distributions
3. Bootable sd-card image for Raspberry Pi with ARAnyM and m68k-cross-tools

Under AFROS it is intended to provide an up to date distribution that can be installed 
from either the LiveCD boot desktop, or the host OS which is currently SLAX. It is hoped that 
this update will then be adopted by the maintainers of the current AFROS and AFROS LiveCD 
distribution downloads. These additions should not be limited to AFROS itself, but the 
underlying OS's, FreeMiNT, and SLAX, to provide a smoother and more usable "everyday 
desktop" experience, while providing the basis for protable development and proto-
typing environment.

The service provided by AFROS-update is:
1. a modern usable "every day desktop"
2. supply of a supplemental development environment (FuDE for AFROS)
3. supply of a supplemental alternative which may contain non-AFROS qualified applications

AFROS - A FRee Operating System (predominantly running on)
ARAnyM - Atari Running on Any Machine


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